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"It saddens us to modify this website, but, the co-owner of Top to Bottom, Mr. James W. Johnson, better known as "Jim," died in an early house fire on April 13th, 2010. His death has shocked the many people that knew him around the world. His love for the island, his kindness, his hikes, his humor, his smart way of thinking, and so much more, will be sorely missed by all.

The love he had for his family was endless. He shared the company with his lovely wife Nichole (Nikki) for the last 17 years. He was extremely proud of both of his children, Jessica (19) and Patrick (17). There was NOTHING he would not do for them.

"Jim, we missed you from the minute you left us. We will always love you and never forget you. But we know when we look up into the night sky, Star Gazing, you will be there with us, showing us which one up in heaven is yours."

In lieu of sending flowers we are asking for donations to be sent to Judi, Jim's oldest sister, who will place them in an account for Patrick and Jessica's educational needs. Although Jessica's education is paid for in England she does still have day to day needs that can be costly. Patrick received a small scholarship this past year but this will cover only a fraction of the cost for attending Clemson University in August.

Jim did not have any life insurance and we wish to continue Jim's dreams in regards to his kids education. Since the mail takes months to get to Nevis, and half the time gets lost, we are asking the donations be sent to Judi's house. She will set up a trust account for the two children."

Checks made payable to:

Judi Hagan or Patrick Johnson
68 Thumper Lane
Arden, N.C. 28704
Home - 828-891-4921
Cell - 828-243-0009

If you'd like to read the comments and recollections of Jim's friends, or submit your own memory or story for inclusion. Click Here.

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There will be a memorial service for Jim Johnson at 2 pm on April 24,th, 2010, at the Clemson United Methodist Church in Clemson, S.C. This is scheduled to be an outdoor event weather permitting.

The address is:

300 Frontage Road
Clemson, SC 29631-1692
(864) 654-5547

If anyone would like to speak or have something read during the service please contact Cath Beauchene. Although this is a memorial service we want to celebrate Jim's life as well. So if you have a short funny story you would like to tell that would be great.

There is also a memorial service that will take place on Nevis. Nikki is in the process of scheduling a date, time and place.

All the pictures in this site were taken by Jim or by his friends and clients. They were not taken by professional photographers....